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Science starts with curiosity, with our science shows and online STEM courses we make science and maths come alive. 

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Lets go to Mars!

In our Mission to Mars course coming in Sept 2021 students will learn the physics of rockets, the chemistry of the Mars atmosphere, the biology of living on Mars and maths of planetary motion. This would be a great option for Transition Year students.

Mission to Mars

Mission to Mars

Explore the physics of planetary motion and discover the chemistry of real world rockets. See how spaceflight effects the human body and determine where to land on the Red Planet. Learn the maths and science needed to go to Mars!

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Fun science for primary school teachers

Fun Science for Primary Schools Teachers

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Research based

Our courses will take our 20 years of experience in making science exciting and blend this knowledge with the latest research. 

Exam focused

Students will start by understanding concepts and merge this knowledge with maths to focus on Leaving Certificate exams questions.


Using the latest technolgy such as HTML 5 our courses will allow students to discover science for themselves.

Study at Your Own Pace

Learn Skills in Science & Maths

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Why Choose Us?

What makes us different is that we are science show performers, we have taken our 20 years of experience in making STEM exciting and use this knowledge to create our interactive courses.

20 Years of Research

All our courses incorporate the latest research into the best methods to teach STEM online.

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

Our courses will help you learn physics and maths at your own pace and in your own time.

Bring the fun to online STEM education.

Science Ireland's courses will use the latest technology such as HTML5 to make them as interactive as possible.